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Your prayers; letters, calls, and emails; and spreading the word made a difference!

When the Body of Christ stands together, LIGHT shines!


Praise God for good news! As you know, the Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL, the organization all schools, including private Christian schools, must be members of in order to compete in state athletics) has been working directly with OutFront Minnesota on a Transgender Student Athlete Policy that would allow boys who identify as girls to play on girls’ sports teams and girls who identify as boys to play on boys’ sports teams. This would also mean that boys and girls could be assigned to the same showers, locker rooms, bathrooms, and hotel rooms as the opposite sex.

But, today, after an incredible amount of letters, emails, and phone calls to the MSHSL Board, AND a petition of 3300 opposed to the policy led by our friends at Minnesota Catholic Conference, AND testimony overwhelmingly opposed to the policy by many of YOU before the Board yesterday...the Board did NOT adopt the transgender policy!

Thank you for joining with us to help turn the lights back on in Minnesota, to speak the truth in love about the damage this policy will do for our kids, and to ultimately help the Board decline to pass the policy!  

There's still more work to do, since the Board voted to reconsider another transgender policy at their December meeting, but today,  we remember that TOGETHER we helped SHINE THE LIGHT in Minnesota, and we are very thankful to God for the Board's decision!


God bless you,

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John Helmberger, CEO

Minnesota Family Council



  1. If you didn't get a chance to review what's been going on with this transgender policy, don't worry--check it all out HERE!
  2. Pray, Pray, Pray!
  3. If you haven't signed the petition opposing the policy sponsored by our friends at Minnesota Catholic Conference yet, please do so TODAY!

  4. Please forward this message to all your brothers and sisters in Christ--It's time for believers in MN to SHINE!
  5. Stay tuned for more ways you can help--we only have 1 month to show MSHSL that true compassion for gender-confused kids does NOT require a transgender policy that allows boys to declare themselves girls for the purpose of high school sports--or vice versa!
  6. Check out our Press Release below!




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Check out quotes from MFC CEO in the press release below!



 Minnesota State High School League Tables Transgender Policy Proposal

--Following outcry from public & private school officials, parents, students--


Minneapolis – After receiving what the Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) Board revealed to be over 10,000 emails and then listening to public testimony yesterday overwhelmingly opposed to their proposed transgender policy for student athletics, the Board voted today to table the policy for further consideration at their December 4 meeting.


“We commend the Board’s prudence and are extremely thankful for their willingness to listen to their schools, parents, and the community before acting on such a sweeping policy that will impact nearly every student athlete in Minnesota,” said John Helmberger, CEO of Minnesota Family Council, following the decision by the MSHSL Board today.


“In the world of high school athletics, we have to deal with physical realities because we are talking about physical sports—where the safety, bodily privacy, and level playing field of our student athletes are at stake. The policy drafts so far have defined ‘gender  identity’ as ‘a person’s deeply felt internal sense of being male or female.’


“We firmly believe that all students should be permitted to play high school athletics within the realm of the school’s eligibility requirements, and this means that student athletes play within the bounds of physical realities—not ‘internal senses’—for the sake of all students involved,” Helmberger concluded.


Shockingly, up until recently, most MSHSL member schools were not even aware of the policy being considered.


Autumn Leva, Director of Policy and Communications for Minnesota Family Council, asked the MSHSL Board pointed questions yesterday during public testimony time:

  • Other than the groups already represented on the Board, has the League worked with any other groups besides OutFront Minnesota  in the research and development of this policy?
  • Founding Principle #4 of MSHSL states that the League was formed to “protect youth, member schools, and their personnel from exploitation by special interest groups.” How is working closely with one special interest group to the exclusion of others to develop a one-sided policy not an exploitation of youth and schools by a special interest group?
  • Why have offers to assist the League and bring another viewpoint been ignored?
  • How do these policies protect the physical privacy rights of non-transgender students?
  • Is it the League’s intent to transfer the responsibility of determining a student’s gender for the purpose of high school athletics to school athletic directors?
  • Why have repeated requests for at least clarification (if not exemption) regarding the policy’s application to private religious schools gone  unanswered?
  • How does the League explain how this policy can be upheld in light of  stronger state and federal constitutional provisions, and state statutes,  protecting religious freedom?


Today, Patrick Kelly and Roger Aronson, counsel for MSHSL, presented a brand-new transgender student athlete policy they had drafted with others the night before, urging MSHSL Board members to pass the policy today (without allowing time for public comment or review by MSHSL member schools) and then amend “as needed” moving forward.


This is the policy that was tabled for further review at the December 4 meeting. The previous three versions that have been debated were not even considered at the meeting today.





Stay tuned for future email alerts with ways you can help stop the transgender policy for good AND for education-related information--and our new Education Resource page on our BRAND NEW WEBSITE coming soon! We hope this will be an easy-to-use resource for you and your family.


Please help us continue our work to turn the lights back on in Minnesota by keeping you and your family informed about what's going on in the world of Education--and how it will affect your kids and your family.


Will you consider a gift to us today to help turn the lights back on in Minnesota?


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